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Lockdown Effects on Single Women

The lockdown is a difficult time for everyone, some are struggling more than others and single women are facing a lot more challenges especially those who live alone. The lockdown has affected the mental health of a vast number of single home alone women who are in the second phase of their...

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I miss the bar…this Coronavirus ka!

I miss the bar…this Coronavirus ka!I miss Eclipse, I miss those twinkling club lights that get you drunk after only a single round from maBuyer. I even miss the bouncers at the door whom I always feared would deny me entry each time I got there, I hope they re-open the club soon. I know my...

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Can I Have Sex During Corona?

Someone, somewhere, right now is having a difficult time trying to get a quarantine partner. That is what they are calling it too, shame on you! I’m sure I am not the only one that has thought about the corona virus and sex. Social distancing is encouraging us to stay as far apart from each...

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