How I Told My Parents I Was Pregnant

Growing up I never had the actual sex talk with my mother. All I was ever told was not to play with boys and that they were just after my vagina. We never spoke about condom use, contraception and consent issues like what is happening these days.

When I found out I was pregnant at 26 it still felt like I hadkq done a terrible thing and she was going to kill me. It felt like a teenage pregnancy and breaking the news to her and the rest of the family was my biggest fear.

First step was to tell my aunt, I didn’t do it over the phone but went to her place. She knew something was up and immediately said I was pregnant. There I was explaining myself that it was a mistake, it was not supposed to happen etc. She calmed me down and said you are an adult, you knew what you were doing and these are the consequences, however there was nothing to be worried about since the father of the baby was there and willing to be a part of it. That wasn’t so hard.

Second step was to tell my parents. I still had not told my mother and my aunt was going to give her a call the following day after I had left. Later in the evening she sent a text message informing me that she had told my mom… I was shocked because my mom hadn’t said anything yet. Was she mad? Did she want to kill or disown me?

The following day the long awaited message came through. It was everything I did not expect. She was neither happy nor sad. Of cause I didn’t expect her to be ecstatic, I was not married and pregnant (next post loading) but what she was happy about was that I was with the father and talks would be happening soon.

My father on the other hand found it odd that I was going to be a mother and constantly made jokes about it though he wanted to know what the step forward was going to be.

It was so hard and felt so awkward having my mother know I had unprotected sex but here we are today sharing stories about pregnancy, labor pains, sleepless nights and the happy moments with baby Zoey.

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  • Patronela Tshuma
    June 15, 2022 5:34 pm

    Your post just gave me an idea of my next blog as you keep mentioning that the fokls took it easy on you because the babedaddy was in the picture and was willing to step up. My mind then keeps drifting towards the what if you were pregnant and he was not hearing of it, would that have changed their responses?

    Im ol ears fr the follo up piece!!

    • faithpanashe
      July 10, 2022 1:48 pm

      You are right. The narrative definitely would have been different but eventually they will get over it.

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