Say Goodbye to Yeast Infections…

Does your vagina sometimes have an offish smell? A strong ordor that hits like rotten fish? Does it itch? Is your panty always wet from discharge that is sometimes discoloured? It’s so bad you cannot even relax with no underwear because definitely that awful smelly discharge will be leaking from your dearly loved vagina? Do you change panty liners 3-4 times a day? If you are sexually active it’s even worse with the condom smell or the sperm?

Don’t hold your cheek yet in dismay, you are not dying. It’s a yeast infection. Yeast infections can be a girl’s worst nightmare especially if you do not what is causing it. It’s even more frustrating when you have tried so many remedies and it still won’t go. You become uncomfortable and scared to even share a bathroom with someone let alone have sex. This could even break you and damage yourself esteem because you are not confident enough.

Confidence comes from within and if your vagina is not giving you that life can be hell. However reading this article today marks the end of your worries.

I would say Lele Feminine should become your best friend because it will balance your ph. and get rid of those issues leaving you feeling fresh and confident like the boss lady you are.  

I will take you back to the one time my PH balance was off. For me it was poor eating habits which included a lot of sugary foods. My vagina was burning during urination and it was itchy af. I then came across “Cookie Balance” on Instagram as they were advertising their product. Their testimonials were so convincing I decided to give a shot.

No lies here, I started seeing results within 24 hrs. The burning sensation was less, itchiness was gone and in three days I had forgotten my vagina had been giving me hell.

However things that cause ph. balance are in people’s day to day life and recurrence may occur. The mere fact that you go on your period each month could make your vagina imbalanced again.

So, Why Lele Feminine?

Lele Feminine will restore your vaginal ph. balance meaning it will eliminate issues like yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis itchiness, candida, thrush and excessive discharge. Results start to show within 24 hrs of use.

What Form Does it Come in?

It comes with a bottle of 30 capsules plus an applicator which will cost you only US$35. It also has a smaller bottle with 10 capsules plus an applicator for only US$15.

Is There Any Scientific Backing for the Effectiveness of Lele Feminine?

The products main ingredient is Boric Acid and clinical studies show that it works up to 98% of women. The American Journal of Obsterics and Gynaecology is a publication stated that Boric Acid is a safe, natural and effective way to deal with female issues. It is commonly used by physicians and patients an inexpensive, easy to use and accessible treatment of candidiasis.

Yeast Infection Symptoms.

  • Vaginal itching
  • Swelling around the vagina
  • Burning during urination or sex
  • Pain during sex
  • Redness
  • Rash

If you have been experiencing any of these or have had a recurrent, chronic yeast infection this is your stop. Get in touch with Cookie Balance on their Instagram page or simply contact 0772 889 648.

Lele Feminine is passionate is about women’s health and happiness. This product will surely make your life easier so you can go out into the world and be your best self.

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