I Tried the Menstrual Cup, You Should Too

I had my first period when I was 12. I knew what was happening to my body but just the basics from school. Since then I have been using sanitary pads. I tried the tampon once, it was comfortable but hurt so much when I tried to pee. After that experience I vowed never to insert anything in my vagina but to strictly use pads.

Recently I met Mina. She is a menstrual cup, I was asked to try her but I was so scared. After my experience with the tampon all I could envision was a nightmare. To my surprise it wasn’t so bad. In the beginning it really was uncomfortable, trying to fit it into my vagina and go about with my daily activities.

To be honest, first time I kept it on for five minutes. I was so paranoid thinking it would drop or I would leak. I avoided sitting down and removed it. Later on I felt bad, five minutes wasn’t really trying so I put it back on. See now that’s the good thing about it, all I had to do was clean it, freshen up and we were back on. I also realized that when I removed it there was no blood around it, it was clean.

That night I slept soundly and had no worries of my pad shifting. I woke up no leaks and my sheets were fresh. (Yeah the hustle is that bad with periods).

I am still trying to get used to it but another good thing is that when you are not on your period you can use it for practice till your vagina and body adjusts. In addition if you are paranoid about leaking you can still put your pad on till you are confident enough to just wear the cup.


How Does It Work?

The small, flexible cup is made of silicone or latex rubber. Instead of absorbing your flow, like a tampon or pad, it catches and collects it.

How Long Can One Have the Mina Menstrual Cup?

You can keep the Mina menstrual cup for up to 5 years. So goodbye to buying sanitary pads every month.

How Hygienic is the Mina Menstrual Cup?

It is easy to clean. All you need is water. It can also be sterilized in hot water.

For How Long Can You keep it on?

You can wear the cup for up to 6 hours and collects almost 3 times more fluid than a tampon or pad.

What are the Chances of Leaking?

Provides 6 – 12 hours of leak free protection depending on the size of the cup.

Can I Dance or Swim?

You can do absolutely anything with the cup. You can be sporty, can swim and it is pain free.

Will my Vagina Stretch from using a Menstrual Cup?

No, the vagina won’t stretch from using a menstrual cup.

The vagina is pretty extraordinary in the sense that the muscle is able to stretch and go right back to its original shape much like a rubber band.

Can One Lose their Virginity from Using the Cup?

Contrary to what many believe, the hymen is not a ‘seal’ inside the vagina that is punctured when having sex. If that was the case, girls wouldn’t be able to menstruate before they lose their virginity because there wouldn’t be an outlet for the menstrual flow.

So if you are a virgin, you can use a menstrual cup. In fact, you can start using a menstrual cup as soon as you get your period.

Disadvantages of Using the Cup

It can be tough to find the right fit.

Cups come in different sizes depending on your age, flow, and whether you’ve had a child. Still, finding the perfect fit can be a challenge, more so if you have a tilted uterus or low cervix. It can take some trial and error, and you could have leaks in the meantime.

Removal can get messy or embarrassing.

Even if you find it easy to insert the cup, removing it can be tricky. In a sit or squat, you need to use your pelvic floor muscles to push the cup down, then reach up and grab the stem. Pinch the base to break the seal and angle the cup slightly back to keep it from spilling.

And if you’re in public, keep in mind you’ll need to wash out the cup in the restroom sink.

Mina Menstrual Cup is a sustainable, life changing solution to millions of girls around the world who cannot afford sanitary products.

If you would like one, you can contact Emily Ncube on +263776592787

Happy Period.

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