Men You Should Avoid Dating

Dating can be really exhausting especially if you keep meeting men that just take you for a ride. At times you may begin thinking something is wrong with you and chances are that probably something is wrong with you. You cannot distinguish the good ones from the baddies

You cannot date every Tom, Dick and Harry and today’s post will look at the type of men to avoid dating.

By the way great men do exist but we need to learn to stay away from the bad ones.

Mr Broke and Lazy

There is a difference between someone that tries to work but is broke and someone that’s lazy. Mr broke and lazy is not the guy that doesn’t have money right now, he is not the guy that is struggling, and he is the guy who is not doing a damn thing about it. A man who is broke and lazy is not someone you can work with. He has not built himself up to a point where he can have a healthy, stable relationship with you. Some people may get lucky in the long run and score a jackpot but it’s just a minority of them. Most women that settle for Mr broke and lazy usually wind up damaged and broken.

Mr Go with the Flow

A man who does not know what he wants should not be entertained. When you go with the flow this person is just keeping you in their life as an option or a convenience without fully committing to any expectations. You fully know you want a relationship but still go on with the “flow” and this may last months, even years, kids probably in the picture too without someone that still has not committed to you. Going with the flow is non-committal and has no vision of where this partnership is going. RUN!

Mr Mama’s Boy

There is that guy that simply loves and honours his mother, there is nothing wrong with that. Mr Mama’s boy is the one that has his mother take care of everything, runs every little thing past her, and has no boundaries with her. When this man is finally in a relationship, she dictates what happens and has too much power. A man has to learn how to stand on his two feet.

Mr Emotionally Unavailable

This man is not capable of giving you what you want in a relationship. If he is emotionally unavailable in the beginning he is unlikely to become emotionally available in the long run. He could be damaged or just not into you like that. Either way he is not capable of being in a relationship with you. Now the problem we have as women, we want to fix him, you want to pull him out of that situation and in the process you are getting attached to someone that does not want to be in a relationship with you.

Mr Does Not Want to Put a Label to it.

Now this is the man that will tell you he is not ready to be in a relationship, he does not want a girlfriend but acts like a boyfriend. (Men are just weird). He will treat you nice, do all the good things but just does not want to commit to you. There will be men that will like you and what you bring to the table but will still not want to commit to you. You are not the one he wants to be with. This is the same guy that will get engaged to someone else months or a year later and you were sticking around hoping that good in you will make him commit. Don’t fall for his actions that are not aligning with his words.

 There are more signs of a toxic men we can share on in the comment box but these I have mentioned, do not walk away from them but RUN!

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