Do Not Worry If You Can’t Spell “Coconut”…

Does the word coconut ring a bell? Sexually? Well yes this is going to be sex post and we are talking about the cow girl position better known as woman on top.

Coconut is when you try to spell the word with your hips while on top.

It’s pretty shocking that some women actually do not enjoy being on top but its okay. There’s a stigma that women who don’t enjoy being on top are ‘lazy.’

“Should I feel guilty if I don’t like being on top? What are some very valid reasons you might not like being on top?”

Sexologist Malika O’Neill says never feel guilty or bad about yourself for not wanting to be on top (or anything else during a sexual situation in general). It’s your body, and the whole point of sex is to provide a pleasurable experience for you and your partner.

If both people aren’t enjoying it, what’s the point? As for some very valid reasons you might not be into being on top, O’Neill says you might just prefer when your partner is in control, you might be afraid of heights, or you might experience sexual pain when on top for a variety of reasons.

Don’t be afraid to voice your preferences and never feel obligated to get on top if you hate it just because you don’t want to seem “lazy” that’s just not true.

However, many women can relate to feeling uncomfortable while in cowgirl position, and what it all boils down to is lack of confidence. If we don’t feel sexy or know whether we’re pleasing our partner, why would we want to saddle up in the first place?

Most of what we worry about is all in our heads. Men don’t really care about that little bit of tummy flab you can’t stop obsessing over.

Trust me, they’re just ecstatic that you’re having sex with them therefore look out for the next post on how to ride like a pro.

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