What You Need to Know About Relationship Goals

So you see this couple posting snaps at the beach, sun kissed, cocktails, romantic dinners with heartfelt, cute captions and you think goals, goals, and goals.

Women stay stressing about other people’s relationships they see on social media calling them “relationship goals” instead of creating their own with their partner.

The truth about relationships you envy online is most of them are fake. You see this positive vibe that has been posted, think it’s all bliss and wish it for your relationship. It’s unfortunate that we are not shown the other side of this when they are miserable behind closed doors. Will and Jada showed me this and today its Kim K and Kanye.

I’m all for love and positive images of it. Sometimes you need something positive to motivate you but it’s only a problem when you begin to idolize this image that has been chosen for you to see and not the true story.

Relationships goals for me are transparent communication, loving & respecting each other, sharing same values, putting God first. Relationship goals include not letting other people dictate and disrespect your relationship.

These pictures of certain happy moments are for our amusement and entertainment. You are focusing on the wrong thing and when you try to force this within your relationship, you are destroying it. You have lost focus on the fundamentals of a healthy, working relationship.

Don’t be too quick to have what other people show you because you do not know what they go through to get or keep it. How many times do we wake up to break ups of people we looked up to thinking all is well because of what they chose to show us?

The other problem with “relationship goals” is that you become emotionally invested in these online snapshots of happiness and when things go south for this couple you have idolized and glorified you become devastated. You lose hope in love and marriage. You begin to ask, are there any good men or women?

I am not saying do like these pictures or immediately think its fake but do not be consumed by it. If we are going to talk about “relationship goals” let it be about core principles that build relationships.

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  • Samantha Sanangurai
    July 22, 2020 1:24 pm

    The real relationship goals are when you are able to go past your biggest relationship challenges together and then find a more real love. Everything thing after that is real including the nice pictures

    • faithpanashe
      July 24, 2020 11:48 am

      That is true…Thank you for stopping by

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