Don’t Give Him What He Wants, If He Can’t Give What You Need

Ever been told I’m not ready to be in a relationship, but we can take things slow? By taking things slow he is ready and willing to pull down your pants. Girl run!

When he says he is not ready to be in a relationship, he may be saying he is not ready to be in a relationship with YOU. It’s a bitter pill to swallow but do not get confused by the fact that he may be behaving like he’s got feelings for you.

We always say actions speak louder than words but in this situation the actions and words have to align and be consistent with each other. When he says he is not ready to be in a relationship that is the default answer.

What he does for you, how he treats you does not matter if he says he does not want a relationship. Do not make yourself believe otherwise.

He may say he is not ready because

  1. He does not want a relationship with you.
  2. He does not see you as the one for him.
  3. May want to enjoy you in the moment, hang out with you, gain whatever benefits you provide without committing to you.

Don’t take it personal as if something is wrong with you. No matter how amazing you are, not everyone is going to see you as their potential or someone they want to invest feelings in and its okay.

It’s just the way life is, we do not connect with everybody and if someone is showing you this, do not force things, leave.

Women tend to get hurt sticking around hoping one day he will be ready and that day never comes. Meanwhile you have been giving him what he wants and he’s not giving what you need.

However, genuinely he might not be ready for a relationship at all. Probably he has issues he needs to address, foundations he needs to set which have nothing to do with you as a woman.

Another way to look at it is that he may have respect for you, views you in high regard, sees that you deserve the best and is not prepared to give you that. You still have to leave even if that is the case.

It does not change anything, whether he does not see you as the one or really is not ready for a relationship, just leave him.

Do not attempt to play the middle ground, staying friends with him. It never works, you will eventually end up doing girlfriend duties or sleeping with him.

Even if you don’t you become emotionally consumed in this situation. It becomes a distraction on your life making you lose focus on yourself, your purpose, your growth and relationship with God.

If there’s truly a connection, there will be an opportunity later on but do not sit around waiting for the opportunity to come. Shift the focus on you.

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  • King Macky
    June 30, 2020 10:21 am

    I needed that.

    • faithpanashe
      July 3, 2020 10:33 am

      Thank you…Now let’s put it to action!

  • Nigel
    July 1, 2020 6:25 pm

    I usually don’t agree with your black-and-white views but this post is 100% correct. One more thing to add is that in most cases the woman has the potential to dictate the rules of the relationship.

    Men need women more than women need men. You’re in charge!

    • faithpanashe
      July 3, 2020 10:32 am

      Hahaha black and white views really…Thank you for the feedback, its unfortunate some women do not know this.

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