How to Make Him Miss You

Sometimes relationships get boring and eventually someone begins pulling away or not putting in as much effort to communicate.

A lot of women share tips on how to make him miss you when this starts happening and number one of them is relaxing on communication.

I’m here to tell you that when you begin looking for tips to make him miss you something isn’t right.

You do not have to fight to get your person’s attention. You do not have to remind them of how valuable you are and that you need to be appreciated.

Healthy relationships where the love and commitment is mutual do not need to undergo tests to prove their worth. The moment you want to test somebody something is not right.

Yes you can play around with psychology, do things that will catch his attention but when you put yourself through all that, you need to ask yourself if you are with the right guy.

If you feel like your man is neglecting and not giving you adequate attention all you need to do is simply talk to him. Looking for tips to make him miss you will create a dysfunctional environment for your relationship.

Truth of the matter is, if you are dealing with the wrong guy all those tricks and tips will not faze him, he may not even notice it and that will hurt you more. You have been consumed by the thought of getting his attention and being validated by someone that does not belong in your life.

So you may stop texting first, you will stop saying I miss you, I love you and he still won’t care. You have played yourself by trying to get the attention of someone that does not give a hoot about you.

If he really loves and cares about you, talking to him about how you feel will get his attention and cause him to want to do better.

If he does not care about you, his responses will expose where he stands in that conversation.

In all honesty you probably have seen these red flags that he does not care, why are you still there? Why are you looking for tips to make him miss you when the answer is right in front of you?

If talking to him isn’t enough, then he needs to be removed from your life.

Kick his ass to the curb immediately!

However, do not only pay attention to what you see is lacking, when you talk to him listen to what he has to say about you as well. Sometimes you may be neglecting him too, once you are you are on the same page, you can have a healthy resolution.

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