Lockdown Effects on Single Women

The lockdown is a difficult time for everyone, some are struggling more than others and single women are facing a lot more challenges especially those who live alone.

The lockdown has affected the mental health of a vast number of single home alone women who are in the second phase of their careers.

These women are providers and have burnt through their savings during this lockdown. Many women are dealing with job losses, zero appraisal or no work at all and some freelancers who have not been receiving payments.

In addition, the loneliness contributes to this mental instability, she is on her own for the most part and this emotional void is more gaping in crisis moments like this.

A new report by the Kaiser Family Foundation finds that the mental health burden is increasing for just about everyone. In a mid-March poll, 32% of people polled said that worry and stress about coronavirus had a negative impact on their mental health. Two weeks later in late March, this number had risen to 45% and women appear to be suffering more than men.

Even more disturbing, the psychological fallout of the pandemic may continue to rise over the coming weeks and months, if not longer.

Meanwhile, adjusting our mindset and expectations is key to avoiding feelings of loneliness. This means accepting events are beyond our control and knowing that being away from the people and things we love is only temporary.

Something that has worked for me is writing about my emotions and how I would have gone through each day.

Keep a journal of your emotions during isolation, making note of the things that make you feel happy or accomplished throughout the day.

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