Importance of Getting Her Ready: Part 2

In my previous post I promised a part two on how to fully prepare for some mind blowing sex. The woman’s body is amazing, this I will emphasize over again.

Foreplay is extremely important when it comes to good sex. The number one complaint women have about men in bed is that they rush through foreplay. Some women enjoy foreplay as much or more than the actual sexual experience.

I have heard some men say women take long to get turned on or her vagina dries up quickly during the act, that’s because you would have rushed through some crucial stages of getting her ready. Sex for women is a usually a more emotional experience and foreplay is crucial for generating and amplifying that emotional connection.

Remember I said I’m no expert at sex and some methods may not work for others but here are some techniques and lady spots never to miss when getting her ready.


Kissing is emotional and some may not want to do it if it’s with that other person. If your plan is for pure excitement you can shorten the amount of time you spend kissing and just rip her clothes off but you should usually kiss her for at least a few minutes. You want to kiss her and tease her with the anticipation of sex so that her pussy is dripping wet by the time you actually touch it.

The whole key to kissing is sensitivity, being completely in tune with her movements. The more you mirror here and the more responsive you are, the closer she’ll feel to you.

Kissing Neck

Kissing the neck is almost every girl’s weakness but you need to be careful not to bite too hard. You do not want her saying ‘aw’ but pulling closer instead. You should try doing it to show your show your animal desires but try to do it without leaving marks.

It should be more of a grazing action with your teeth but with a powerful intent behind it.

A great place to bite is across the collarbone. It’s a sensitive area without much fat and it gives the woman the feeling of being devoured by a beast, just without the scars.


This a technique that needs to be done right for positive results. Yes she can have a nipple orgasm, it’s possible. Not all orgasms are below the waist.

While she is lying flat, gently blow air against her nipples. This builds a lot more anticipation for the sucking and will get her nipples quite hard.

Go in and gently start sucking on them. Make sure that you’re giving equal attention to both of her nipples. You can also nibble with your teeth but be gentle.

While sucking her nipples, make sure that you’re massaging her breasts at the same time. It adds a degree of pleasure and will give her a more powerful orgasm.

Playing with the Clit

Gents, I repeat gents the clitoris is highly sensitive, its more than just a tiny hotspot and you do not have to rub it too hard man. Take it slow, while you kiss her on the lips or neck rubbing it in a circular motion not too hard, not too gentle.

The clitoris is a magic button that can give a woman earth shattering orgasms before you even stick it in.

Give Her Head!

I must admit the vagina is one of the ugliest things I have seen. It’s really not a pretty site and lot of things happen to it that make some men have no desire to lick it, lol.

However I salute those men that aren’t scared to have a woman sit on their face and make her call for her mama.

Before we get into how to do it, if you are scared or do not want do not do it. It’s a complete turn off to have someone play around for a few seconds or run their tongue all over the vagina with no direction.

If you are going to lick it, lick it like your life depends on it.

Start by kissing, caressing and undressing her, tease her with the idea of touching her pussy, and remember you always want to fuck a woman’s mind before you fuck her body.

Gently kiss her upper thighs back and forth almost grazing her pussy. Don’t be a rigid about it either, moan and show you’re enjoying it too, that it turns you on. Gently kiss the outer lips of her cookie, as soft and gently as possible, she should shiver a little bit. She’ll really want you to lick her clit but make her wait.

This could be a post on its own but kiss her pussy as you would her lips. Ease your way into wrapping your mouth around her clit while using your tongue to gently lick her clit upwards at a medium pressure. Keep your lips wrapped around her clit the entire time, keep the same even tempo for licking her clit.

Aim to finger her pussy and lick her clit at the same speed, keeping the same medium tempo throughout. Keep going until she cums. She might start to writhe but keep focused on keeping the same tempo and pressure. You should only stop if she moves your head: this usually means she can’t handle the strength of the sensations.

Pay attention, if she slightly moves away when you stick your finger in, stop it’s probably too intense.

You can thank me later…

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