Importance of Getting Her Ready…

Going through my blog recently I discovered that there is a category I’m not fully utilizing which is the sex one. So brace yourselves for some sex posts in the coming week.

I’m no expert at sex and this is brave of me to actually write about it but let’s do it anyway.

Before having sex it is important to get the woman ready. I’m still trying to figure out how deep I should go with this but do you know a woman can make the sheets extremely wet just from her cum and not the mans’?

Do you know a woman’s body can vibrate from just reaching an orgasm? Do you know a woman can cum multiple times with just one session? Do you know a woman’s body can be numb and not able to move her limbs after reaching an orgasm?

Hold that thought, this does not happen in porn alone. She does not have to be high as kite to grab on those sheets and dig her nails into your back.

I’m in a lot of women’s groups and you know they are tired of the multiple strokes and 10 minute sessions that leave her tired af and angry. Ever ask yourself why she gives you her back, go on with chores or quickly dress up after sex yet you are thinking you just fucked her senseless?

Another example, ever ask yourself why sometimes during sex she pulls back? You don’t, you think you are hitting the right spots and she cannot handle the heat. Poor you, you are hurting her because her vagina is dry. (face palm emoji)

Sex is not about removing your clothes, sticking it in, a million strokes and 20 minute workout session. The woman’s body is amazing and there are so many ways of getting your woman ready to make sure she reaches that level of orgasming where she is not able to reach for her clothes, move her legs and cannot stop her toes from curling just after sex.

This is getting exciting. Be sure to look out for the next post week were I will explore the various female body parts that you did not know could do wonders to your sex life.

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