I miss the bar…this Coronavirus ka!

I miss the bar…this Coronavirus ka!
I miss Eclipse, I miss those twinkling club lights that get you drunk after only a single round from maBuyer.

I even miss the bouncers at the door whom I always feared would deny me entry each time I got there, I hope they re-open the club soon. I know my brother Dzenga feels the same (at one time we got there just in time to see him being chucked out for I don’t know what reason).

I hope the Coronavirus will be dealt with soon enough so I get a chance to really checkout the exquisite layout at that place.

It is only now that I am appreciating how smart it always is, sparkling clean with waitresses on standby to wipe every single drop of my Castle Lager off their perfectly designed round tables.

Who can forget the comfort on their bar stools, eish I miss Eclipse mhani!
I miss the stairs leading you to the upstairs Chill-Spot, I took them for granted, I am sorry!

I regret forcing my Bhawa Ranger friends Marshall and Jambaya to go home early, I’m sorry boys, I’ll never do that again oh 


I miss kwaJB yet I always felt abused whenever Ninja and Jambaya demanded my presence there.

I miss the Nigerians who frequent the spot in spite of the fact I rarely speak to them. I miss seeing them in their cliques, clicking seemingly in unison in their Ibo language.

I miss bumping into a long lost colleague in a bar, spending a few seconds catching up before exchanging WhatsApp numbers half knowing you will not get in touch with them again.

I miss taking pictures and videos while drinking, without any sense of what Zanu PF or the MDC are saying at that particular moment.
I miss the bar more than I miss drinking.

Of course I am not getting enough to drink which has made me realise its importance. We always come up with the best ideas and arguments over drinks my friends and I.

Mlondo turns wise, Deals suddenly speaks purely in English, Marshall is nowhere to be found. He’ll probably be ogling at whoever deserves his eyes at that particular time from a very secluded part of wherever we would have decided to catch up at.

I used to hate Kebab, I am sure it was just peer pressure, it’s actually a cool place to hang out. Will be going as soon as all this is over I promise.
I even wish the dingy spots in my hood were open so I could just peep and see ghetto boys on the dance floor with their dirty, half-naked chicks having a time of their lives.

They call it muGehena, I have only been in there once and it’s not even half of Archies or Bulawayo’s Private Lounge.

Eish, Bulawayo futi, I miss its bars…let me not go there, I might end up naming a drunkard friend of mine who doesn’t want to be associated with alcohol in public!

May wisdom and intelligence lead those frantically searching for a solution to this Covid-19 pandemic.Amen Vatendi!!!By Leopold Munhende

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  • Simba Mtembo
    April 8, 2020 11:08 am

    Mukoma Leo… i hear and feel you baba. Glad i’m not alone

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