What heartless “last-borns” do to us!

What heartless “last-borns” do to us!

Where you knelt to serve elderly folk who would frequent your home on Sundays after mass, she doesn’t, she slides the plates and non-verbally communicates “kana usinga lavhe siya.”

When you had a strictly laid out law to have slept by 8PM (so you would miss sex scenes on Miami Sands) he has the privilege to sleep on mama’s special couch, the one mothers claim is older than every one of us in the house and commands more respect; and proceeds to flip through channels kusvika mangwana as if he owns the set.

Remember when you were told to ask for bread before helping yourself; just look at her harvest whatever is in the fridge without concern who hasn’t eaten, with a sense of entitlement brought on her supposedly by nature.

They behave like spoilt brats, they are not spanked, demand more and more and show gratitude on veeery rare moments.
You would actually be forgiven for thinking you are their “Deputy Parent.” They walk around with that “ndezvako” type of vibe you would never imagine exhibiting.

If you are the first born child or a bit older to have siblings then you might just relate to these thoughts.

I have tried to scold my youngest sister, the last in our family of four and she has predictably had none of it, not even a threat or two work on her (which is very disappointing); “Wakanonoka Bhudhi,” she says as she continues with whatever she would be doing.

She even has the guts to address me as Bhudhi at the end of her retort.
Last time I heard her advising our elder sister, it was a sorry sight (for my sister), “Unotozviwona saMama handiti?”

You don’t come back from that line, you sit down, defeated and reflect on your decisions in life. You fall short of grounding yourself after getting served by a kid 10 years younger than you.

These ones can hold their tears from morning to the late PMs when mama comes back from work. Now watch her wail, you’ll refuse to believe the thing happened hours ago.

Once he says, “Ndovaudza mama kuti urikuramba” just give in my brother.

Most are cute though, at least mine is. They love you with all their hearts but have a mental to emotional challenge in expressing it.

We all love our last-borns, not ours in the sense of birth but our siblings.
Mine is the deepest I have ever loved any human being.

I see my sober stubbornness in her rough edged character, my meticulously crafted diction in her irresponsible wording too.

I would pay with my life to keep her at bay of marauding vultures after her innocence, at least up till she is conscious enough.
I love you BB.
By Leopold Munhende for my one and only Tanaka B. Munhende

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  • Gotwe
    April 6, 2020 7:21 pm

    Eh eh. Mira ipapo. It went both ways. I have the scars to prove it. And to jog your memory I can show you the there scars I gave you in self defense. Day time was sometimes a dreaded time for us. But still, I love you big sis.

    • Miss Kay
      August 22, 2020 5:54 am

      Oh. Am. Gee it’s you who did this ????

  • Miss Kay
    August 22, 2020 5:53 am

    Unotozviona samama took me out. ?????

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