A fall from Grace

I swore I would never watch another Tyler Perry movie because they took away my belief in love, but because I’m a lover of things I watched A Fall from Grace. This time around my belief in friendships was almost taken away.

What pissed me off the most is the way he continues to portray women as weak human beings. Before I go on with my rant, hurtful, heart-breaking things were said to Grace (women in general) that I could not stomach as I watching.

When she finally reached the breaking point and bust his head out with a baseball bat, I was helping her from my end, literally vouching for her to smash it harder.  Shannon said things that are not only damaging to the heart but soul.

He said:

• You owe me that money. I mean think about it, all the sex and the joy I brought to your fucken miserable life.

• I love you, I’m just never going to love you the same way you love me.

• Women your age, low hanging fruit. Single, vulnerable, lonely, fucken weak.

• It’s your fucken fault, you made it too easy but you don’t think.

How does one fall in love after hearing all this? How does one trust what a man says? How do you know if his intentions are genuine?  It really got me questioning this love thing all over again. Her faith in love had been restored only to have her heart broken again.

Grace was older than this young man that treated her like trash. Oh by the way her best friend hooks her up with the Ben 10 which validates why I’m totally against hook ups, especially from a friend. When shit hits the fan, it complicates relationships.

This man did not only wipe out her bank account but also did the exact thing her ex-husband did. It was sad she had to experience this for the second time, walking in on him screwing another woman in her bed.

Someone once said, you should never tell your current boyfriend what transpired with your ex. He will do the exact thing if not worse.

This movie also messes up your trust issues. It makes you question how much you trust the people around you, and how much they affect your own decisions. Grace trusted her friend Sara and then she betrayed her in the worst ways possible.  

Another lesson I picked was that we should always be conscious enough to do some investigation about the person before you entertain their pursuit. People laugh when I tell them I google people right up to their cousins and uncles just to be sure. There are creeps out there.

However besides the messed up twist at the end, the movie offers so many opportunities to yell at the screen.

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