When You Are Not The One

While I’m not entirely certain I believe in the idea of soulmates, I do believe that some couples are better together than others.

Watching the final episode of Power taught me that when you are not the one, nothing will ever change that or how your partner feels. When you get married for the wrong reasons, it eventually catches up with you.

Tasha was there for Ghost from way back and for some reason thought they had a Bonnie and Clyde relationship till Angela popped up, their marriage was on life support.

Ghost was hit with some amnesia and forgot where they came from with Tasha and how they built that empire together.

He grew to almost hate Tasha to the point of leaving her with a big bowl of nothing and a middle finger.

That was unfair and cold. She put up with a lot with that man to be left without a single cent. She would do anything for her family and kids.

All I wanted was a happy ending for Tasha. After having Ghost step out the marriage and still hold him down, she deserved something not nothing.

Tasha was a devoted wife who stuck by her husband’s side throughout some of the most trying times. She kept that criminal empire together and always found solutions to problems. She tried to hold that family together.

The one lesson I learnt from this, no matter how much you try and bend your back backwards if you are not the one, you will stay in zone forever.  

You can’t change how he feels about you, in simple terms you can’t change him. So if you are going to settle for that, don’t expect some miracle. At some point you will wind up with nothing.

I have a friend that loves saying “wasala ebambe isheet’’ basically meaning she was left with nothing, she got the short end of the stick.

In the end Tasha takes the fall and gets arrested. The ancestors did not love this woman.

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