Why You Should Marry for Love

Most of you must be wondering if I have lost my mind. A few months ago I wrote an article on reasons why you should not marry a broke guy. I have not changed my mind nor am I changing goal posts but recently someone close sat me down and told me this.

Money isn’t everything. Women almost prefer getting married to a millionaire than a broke guy that loves them genuinely. Some even go the extent of falling pregnant because of the money, but when things go south this is when they will realize its cold out there.

Its always better to cry in a Porsche right? Wrong ! Turns out money isn’t everything. People have left relationships, marriages with one of the richest people, some were unfortunate enough to walk out with nothing because there was no love.

Let me bring it closer to home, look at your families. Not every relationship is perfect but some are still together because of that love, that connection. 

People marry for various reasons but it is important that love is a strong force pushing for this union. Here are are a few reasons you should marry for love:

  • Marriage needs to have a meaning. If you do not love each other you will be unable to share your life with your spouse in the way you should. Consequently your marriage has no meaning.
  • So that your marriage lasts.  It is unnatural to expect to spend a lifetime with a person you do not love.
  • To be able to forgive. Every person has faults, some of course are more tolerable than others. Marriage is all about compromise and from the word go, you will be required to put up with a number of faults.
  • So that you have a life companion. You will need someone to have joint goals with, joint concerns with and joint joys with. When you love each other, this sense of togetherness becomes stronger and more durable.
  • So you have someone to face challenges with.  Whatever life throws your way whether it’s money troubles, personal tragedy or any other set back, you always have someone who’s got your back.
  • So that kids are brought up in a loving home. Bringing children into a marriage where there is no love between the couple is a recipe for disaster.
  • So that you are happy. Ultimately you want to lead a happy and peaceful life. You may think that financial security may give you that happiness but in fact it is the reassurance of knowing that you have someone who’s yours forever.

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