Afraid of Being a Mother Than HIV/AIDS & STIs

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Growing up my mother never spoke about sex directly, even when I had first period she did not give me the “if you have sex you will fall pregnant” lecture. I was handed pads and that was it.
It was only when I started hanging with boys a lot that I received the sex talk, all she said was “these boys are after that hole of yours and will make you pregnant.”
You know what that did? It instilled fear of falling pregnant and not other important issues around sex like HIV and STIs.
For a lot of teens today, unwanted pregnancy is the fear of fears. Looking deeper into the situation, in most cases its not the pregnancy they are afraid of but the angry mothers.
In addition the rejection that comes with falling pregnant is what most teens fear. Rejection from parents, school, clinics etc.
This headline clearly shows that the only thing youths want to prevent is pregnancy. In High School peer educators always came through, showing gross and disgusting images of the effects of STIs.
Fear to sleep around was only instilled for a while but young people would eventually get back to reckless sex because at home nothing about STIs or HIV is spoken about. Just pregnancy.
A lot of awareness needs to raised among these young people about the dangers of having unprotected sex. However this needs to begin at home. Pregnancy is not the only monster one can get from having unprotected sex and young people need to be taught this.
A recent World Health Organization report stated indicated that approximately more than 1 million new STIs are being recorded on a daily basis worldwide. 
The same energy folks use in instilling fear about falling pregnant is the same energy they are meant to use in educating young people about HIV/AIDS and STIs.

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