8 Options On How to Deal With A Cheating Husband

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For the longest time I have seen and come across women that fight and beat the living daylights out of each other over a cheating man. Most cases involve a married man that is clumsy with his cheating and wife gets hold of ‘small house’.
Time and again I have said, I will never fight over a man, let alone a cheating man. I will never text, confront or fight the other lady because the problem is my man and that is the person supposed to be dealt with.
I borrow options on how to deal with this situation from a Twitter post by Nyari Mashayamombe.

A ‘married man’ is never taken by a fellow woman, your husband decides to leave you. The business of attacking other females is madness and unforgivable. STOP it. If he leaves you he don’t like you move on.
I’ve never dated a married man in my life and don’t plan on doing so, it’s been always my choice. But while I don’t like seeing fellow sisters do it, the only person who owes you loyalty is the one who said ‘I do to you’, he’s the one with a contract with you. Not the a woman.
The habit of beating each other up is a show of desperation, criminal and won’t stop that whore of a husband from cheating on you. He will go from one woman to the other, you won’t be addressing the problem, which is your husband, you are going for something easy.
There are a couple of options when your man cheats on you depending on where you at in life:
1. Accept the problem that’s your husband.
2. Now weigh your options: to leave, or to stay depending with your situation.
3. Leave if you want to, if he’s dangerous, if he’s abusive
Leave if:
4. He’s disrespectful openly to you, your children and your relatives. If he brings them girl friends to your matrimonial home and bed.
5. Leave if he demeans you and speaks down on you. There is a lot that could be said about leaving him.
But you can also:
6. You can also choose to stay: If you decide to do so, hoping you can negotiate for safe sex,
7. Hoping your children and yourself are safe.
8. It’s also an empowered decision to stay if you are able to deal with it emotionally and not spill it to others including your children and other women around you.
On choosing to stay, I’ve heard women who decide to choose the friendship with their husbands more like the husband does his own the woman does her own around sex, but when it comes to family they are together.
But if you decide to stay and you are hurting, and you choose to harass the girl friends and beat others up, you will not only end in jail but you are just as bad as your husband. Rejection is painful by those we love, when your man cheats it’s hard, it’s rejection.
But it’s not worth chasing the wind that’s chasing after other women beating them up for the sins of your man. Deal with your man! If you can’t deal with him deal with the fact that you can’t deal with him and go back to the points above. Sometimes exiting is the available option.
Disclaimer: By leaving I’m saying ask him to pack his bags and leave your house, leaving the relationship can mean kick him out, by no means should you leave, he must leave! Legally you have the right to the house especially where children are concerned. Depends with situation.
Disclaimer: Many women don’t know that they have a right to the house and usually are bullied out, he should leave and leave you there, you have the right to ask him out if he is abusive. The law protects you and/or the children. . . BUT importantly leave fellow women alone!!

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  • MaKupsy
    September 9, 2019 10:08 am

    I wish it were that simple but most people will still stay no matter what you tell them. 🙁

    • Faith Panashe Zvorufura
      September 9, 2019 12:11 pm

      That’s the problem, we were taught love is supposed to hurt, so we have this big heart filled with tolerance

      • MaKupsy
        September 10, 2019 2:58 am

        And if it doesn’t hurt is it even love? It will take time to normalise things for women, especially women in Africa.

        • Faith Panashe Zvorufura
          September 10, 2019 10:06 am

          True that

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