Reasons You Should Not Marry A Broke Guy

Reasons You Should Not Marry A Broke Guy

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Money can’t buy you happiness they say, that is a blue lie ! Money is everything, I do not know why we keep lying to ourselves allowing our children to be content with mediocrity.
I don’t mean to sound like a bad feminist but it’s the truth, you do not eat love and its not enough if it is not accompanied by financial stability. Money should be part of your reasons in pursuing a life commitment with a guy.
Someone is probably reading this and saying woman make your own money, women are hustling and grinding making their own money and working towards earning more because they want to afford life without having a headache of checking how much is left in the account. However having a partner with the same drive or more is a bonus.
Marriage is difficult enough and marrying a guy for his looks or just love will soon turn into a nightmare when children and bills come into play.
Like always, I reach out to the ladies to find out how they feel and this what they had to say:

  • Love doesn’t pay bills.
  • Men are the same, they have hunting instincts, broke or not they will cheat. So it’s better to be cheated on when you have all the luxuries that money can buy.
  • Their hunting instincts pushes them to chase, if they are not chasing the paper, they chase women.
  • Because men, being human, will have their set of problems already. So assuming there is a pool of options, all of which will tell you rubbish sometimes?, all of which have character flaws, its not like if he broke he will suddenly pitch up more perfect. For that reason. I hope to pick a stable- rich guy.
  • Also as much as its an emotional decision, it should also be a logical one. It should make sense for someone to be in my life. I can’t do African movie Beyonce dates, the least expected got nothing at all dude and hope for the best. If it will happen, there should be a visible plan.
  • Because he will not able to take proper care of me and our children.
  • He won’t be able to make me feel secure and assured that we wont live in poverty.
  • Is lazy to hustle hard and make money and will even go low and ask you for money all the time.
  • Your parents will never like or respect him or even think he is good enough to marry you.

I am not saying discount men that are not rich but discount the men who will never rise above living from pay check to pay check. Trust me, your fairy tale will soon turn into a nightmare.
Writing this article reminded me of one song that almost explains everything, TLC- Scrubs

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  • Thembi Terry Zulu
    April 26, 2019 11:35 am

    I love how you are learning and growing as a blogger. I am so proud. Come for all of it honey!

    • Faith Panashe Zvorufura
      April 26, 2019 12:06 pm

      Thanks mami

  • taylor tee
    April 26, 2019 12:22 pm

    How do you define broke? How do you define rich? What if the guy is currently broke but trying to get his shit together? What if the guy who is rich today goes downhill later?
    I do agree with the bulk of your points though, lets talk

    • Faith Panashe Zvorufura
      April 26, 2019 2:14 pm

      I think I did mention at the end that I am not saying discount every man that is not rich but someone not working hard enough to even sustain a family…

    • Ellison Makavani
      April 26, 2019 3:49 pm

      Sadly noone eats potential. Its a risk really my guy.

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