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I Tried the Menstrual Cup, You Should Too

I had my first period when I was 12. I knew what was happening to my body but just the basics from school. Since then I have been using sanitary pads. I tried the tampon once, it was comfortable but hurt so much when I tried to pee. After that experience I vowed never to insert anything in my...

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Men You Should Avoid Dating

Dating can be really exhausting especially if you keep meeting men that just take you for a ride. At times you may begin thinking something is wrong with you and chances are that probably something is wrong with you. You cannot distinguish the good ones from the baddies You cannot date every...

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Got My Heart Broken Again…

Before this heartbreak I last felt my heart shatter in 2017. It’s a feeling I vowed never to feel again. It’s painful, its sore, it hurts. You even stop thinking for a moment. So last week Saturday I got into town to get my hair done and grocery runs. I have no car so that meant lots of...

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Love, Relationships

Let Him Chase you…Why this is Bad Advice

I have lost count of the number of times I have been told “let him chase you, don’t make it too obvious you are into him, you doing too much, find a man that loves you more than you do” and still wind up single. We have been told men love the thrill of the chase and it’s not...

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